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Students Charged To Explore Beyond Academic Learning

Students Charged To Explore Beyond Academic Learning

Mr. Riffath Yakub Abubakar, Board Chair National Academy of Students’ Achievement Awards Ghana (NASAAG) has urged students to strive for success and excellence beyond the academic lecture halls.

Mr Abubakar in an interview with the Ghana News Agency explained that there was the need for students to understand that, some professions were open markets, where anyone could become a player without necessarily going to the university.

He identified the open market professions as Political Science, Business, History, Journalism, Graphic Design, and Software Development or Engineering, Computer Studies, Marketing, among others.

Unlike exclusive or closed market professions such as Law, Medicine, and the Sciences that are strictly for professionally trained graduates who are permitted or legally allowed to practice what they have studied in their respective and related industries.

He explained that, with or without higher or lower education, one did not need a certificate to practise in the open market profession.

Mr. Abubakar, noted that the contemporary job market was engulfed in keen competition; "Clearly the employers did not care about ‘what you studied, where you studied it, and the score or grade you attained.

"What they care and are concerned about is what you can do, perform, or accomplish when offered the task or job”.

In today’s global community and going forward, most of the job market players do not care about the geographical location and demographics of who does the work and who buys the work, thanks to the computer and the internet, he said.

Mr. Abubakar said whilst students took their academics seriously by craving for good grades, they should equally apply the same importance and seriousness in attending programmes such as industry summits, seminars, conferences, and workshops whether free or paying to attend.

He said students should discover their purpose and passion, and if they are fortunate to have multiple talents, they should learn and keep practicing it.

Mr. Abubakar noted that students should also prioritize internships, voluntary services as it comes with numerous opportunities; “you may join some legitimate and productive organizations in or outside the campus, it builds both short and long term networks”.
Source: GNA (Ghana News Agency)


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